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Ref Fish Identification – Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas

Reef Creature Identification – Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas

Reef Coral Identification – Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas

Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach, New World Publications.

This three volume “Reef Set” is probably all you might ever need for the identification of fish and creatures in the Caribbean. A complete volume with 272 pages is dedicated only to corals! Absolutely the best I have ever seen in this field. The only disadvantage is that these volumes are so heavy that you better don’t put them in your luggage for a dive trip.

Fortunately, an interactive version of the excellent Reef Fish ID has been published by ReefNet Inc.


Reef Fish Behaviour – Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas

Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach, New World Publications, 1999.
ISBN: 1-878348-28-0.

Spectacular pictures and a lot of useful information. This helps a lot to “understand” fish and ultimately get better pictures. Complements the “Reef Set”.

Pacific Ocean  

Reef Fish Identification - Tropical Pacific

Gerald Allen, Roger Steene, Paul Humann, and Ned Deloach, New World Publications, 2003.
ISBN: 1-878348-36-1.


Hawaii’s Fishes

John P. Hoover
Mutual Publishing, Honolulu, 2003.
ISBN: 1-56647-001-3

Very nice and useful book. Although not comprehensive I found most of the fish I had seen underwater. Lists many endemic fish which are only found in Hawaii.

Mediterranean Sea  

Was lebt im Mittelmeer?

Matthias Bergbauer, Bernd Humberg
Franckh-Kosmos, Stuttgart 1999.
ISBN: 3-440-07733-0