Scarlet-breasted Maori wrasse
Underwater Photography



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WWFShark Project



Equipment : Home of the Nano Compact dive and focusing light and other dive lamps. : Trays and flash arms. : Aquatica underwater housings and accessories. : Equipment for seeing fluorescence underwater. : Home of the SubSee adapter and the interactive Reef Fish ID.


Shops : A good selection of underwater cameras and accessories in Germany. : Underwater photo equipment, in particular Aquatica parts and service in Germany.


General Underwater Photography and Magazines : A free magazine on underwater photography. : Online dive magazine. : Tauchsportmagazin im Internet auf deutsch.


Homepages of Underwater Photographers and Guides : Webpage of Ben Victor, a medical doctor and fish biologist. Photographic guide to larval reef fishes and many useful links. : Excellent guide to underwater photography with many tips. This is basically an online book.


Dive Centers

Australia : Heron Island Resort. : Dive center providing trips to the famous Fish Rock. : The other dive center going to the Fish Rock.

Hawaii, California : one of the operators for the famous "Manta Ray Night Dive" in Kona on the Big Island, Hawaii. : smaller and more individual dive company in Kona I did a couple of dives with. : Ed Robinson's Diving Adventures, highly recommended for diving in Maui, very professional dive company. Ed Robinson is an underwater photographer with many pictures on his web site. : Spectre dive boat located in Ventura harbor. The boat has a very friendly crew and is going three times per week (2013) to the Channel Islands.

Cuba : Cave diving in Cuba! Peter Dietz is an expert in cave diving in the cenotes of Cuba. In his book you find all necessary details including maps. It is written in German but should not be difficult to read for those not speaking German. : German travel agency specialized in diving in Cuba. They now the country and have even an office in Havana. Here you can book all the famous dive sites in Cuba (German and English information available). : Company operating the diving activities in the Jardines de la Reina.

Europe : Dive center "De Kabbelaar" in Scharendijke, Netherlands.


Fish and Creature Identification : The FishBase, largest database on fish in the net. The World Register of Marine Species. From here you find links to other databases and pictures in the web. Great source of information. : Another very helpful page for the identification of marine species. : A private web page with more than 500 marine species, mostly from the Caribbean. : Australian Museum Fish Site. Helps to identify fish. : Australian Museum site on sea slugs (nudibranches). : Everything you always wanted to know about sea slugs. : ... and another one. : Guide to Caribbean corals and sponges. : Fish and creatures in the Netherlands. : Marine life in Britain and Ireland. Useful for the identification of species in the north sea. : Many pictures of sharks.


Other Interesting Pages : Listen to the whales in Maui in real time! Great site. : Help to save the sharks! : Images of life on earth. ARKive's mission is to promote a greater understanding of global biodiversity, and the conservation of the world's most threatened species, using the power of wildlife imagery. A couple of my pictures are exhibited there. : My dive club. Have a look! : My other hobby.


Pictures from shown in other sites, exhibitions, and publications: references.